Our Students Serving


At Dauphin Way Baptist Church, we do not expect college students to be spectators. As a valuable member of the body, you will have opportunities to serve and connect with community that will help you grow in your faith. We recognize that you did not come just to be served, but you want to reach people for Jesus. Let us help you plug-in to a ministry that can use your gifts to grow the kingdom. We want to see “EVERY STUDENT SERVING”

Our Students Connecting


Our College Ministry provides a space where undergrad and graduate students can develop a deeper understanding of the message of Jesus Christ and grow into mature followers of Christ. In our ministry, students will have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel and grow in their relationship with Christ through fellowship, Bible study, and opportunities to exercise their spiritual gifts and reach others for Christ.

Our Students Worshiping


If you are looking for a place to connect and grow, join us at The Gathering. The Gathering provides a space for college students to build community by meeting weekly during the fall through spring for worship and teaching Wednesday Nights at 7:30 pm. Come join us! We look forward to seeing you.