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At Dauphin Way, we find that community is best built upon the foundation of God’s Word and in fellowship with other believers. Whether you are just beginning in your faith journey or have years of wisdom, we have a place for you to connect and deepen your faith.

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Women of the Way

Comprised of women ready to grow in their faith and serve in the church and community for the Glory of God, our Women’s Ministry provides a safe haven for women of all ages to share and live life together.

Women’s Ministry

Mighty Men Alliance

Being a man of faith isn’t just about going through the motions, it is about encouraging each other to live for Christ and in His Word daily. Join the Might Men Alliance and you’ll find a strong community ready to encourage and challenge you to be a better leader for your family, church, and community.

Men’s Ministry

Reach Out With Us

Our passion is knowing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and sharing His love with this world! Local outreach is vital to the growth of Christ’s church. As a body of believers we seek to reach out and help our community.

Serving Opportunities