Dr. Jonathan Sarfati – Creation Ministries

Sunday, January 14, 2024

9:00 am

Morning & Evening Services
9:00am Design, Deluge, and Dilemma
5:30pm Jurassic Reality: Dinosaurs & the Most-asked Questions

These meetings are church events, where the accredited CMI speaker will present for the regular worship & evening service times. These presentations demonstrate how the Gospel message is rooted in the book of Genesis and provides evidence to support the reliability of the Bible’s record of origins.

Attendance is free and all are welcome. Creation resources will be available before and after the services.

About Dr Jonathan Sarfati

There is no doubt that Jonathan is regarded as one of the world’s leading Christian apologists when it comes to Bible/science related issues and the book of Genesis. His esteemed body of work includes his Refuting series of books, which are not only some of the biggest-selling creationist books ever, but are regarded as keystone books in the defense of a six-day, straightforward understanding of Genesis—both scientifically and theologically. His latest and most important book is The Genesis Account, a thorough 800-page theological and scientific commentary on Genesis 1–11.

Jonathan is also a co-editor of the internationally renowned Creation magazine and Journal of Creation(formerly TJ), and much in demand as an international speaker.

Here’s your chance to hear a clear, logical defense of the faith, starting in Genesis, and why this issue is vitally important if we are to make a difference in our families and communities.

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