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Welcome to Dauphin Way Baptist Church ::




7:00   am      Men's Prayer Breakfast




10:30   am        Singing Silvertones Choir Rehearsal

11:30   am         Silvertones Pot Luck Lunch

3:30     pm        Widowed Persons Group

4:30     pm         Elijah House Bible Study (offsite)

4:30     pm         Wednesday Night Supper

5:00     pm         Praying for Revival

5:30     pm         AWANA

6:00     pm         Wednesday Night Bible Study

6:00     pm         Youth Bible Study

6:15     pm         Choir/Orchestra Rehearsal

6:15     pm         Deaf Ministry

8:00     pm         The Gathering



9:30   am        Ladies Bible Study




9:00  am     Sunday School

10:30 am    KidsWay Worship

10:30 am    Worship Service

12:00 pm    College Sunday School Class

12:00 pm    New Beginning Men's Class

12:00 pm    Chi Alpha Student Choir

3:30   pm    Russian Baptist Mission

4:00   pm    Hand Bell Rehearsal

4:30   pm    Women's Bible Study 

4:30   pm    KidsWay Worship Arts

4:45   pm    Sunday School Teachers Training

5:00   pm    Crown Ministry Study

5:00   pm    Praying for Revival

5:00   pm    Outreach Training

5:00   pm    Men's Bible Study

6:00   pm    Evening Worship

7:00   pm    Business Meeting